Professional restorations of whole vehicles, which include:


Advanced bodywork repairs.

Which often come to building a brand new body from plain sheets of metal.

Mechanical systems repairs

If any spare parts are unavailable, thanks to our CNC machining park, we can manufacture almost every part.

Multilayer paintjobs

Before the primer we use KTL electrophoretic coat which gives rustproof layer comparable with zinc plating.

Electrical wiring repairs.
We are able to put all new wiring according to customer’s demands.


Replacing interior upholstery

Made with materials specified by customer.

Plating restoring

Chrome, zinc and others.


After determining details of the project, we prepare and sign a contract with customer, which is a basis to start the process of restoration.

From the moment of vehicle delivery up to final inspection and client approval, the vehicle is insured.

After finished restoration, we deliver a certificate containing a complete record of the process, including photos and description of technologies used.